Using your iPad for In-Depth Bible Study

Happy iPad Day! Right, right... I know some of you are into those Android or Windows tablet holidays, but still, you just can't beat good ol' iPad day! Today the iPad 2 is being released and I wanted to post my latest [epically long] document to help out fellow Christians utilize their iPad more effectively.

About three years ago I published a document called "Using the iPod Touch (and iPhone) for In-Depth Bible Study". Today, I'm releasing the second edition of that called "Using your iPad for In-Depth Bible Study".

I'd strongly recommend all Christian iPad users to look over the document. Seriously, if you are simply relying on the really, really lame Apple commercials or the App Store for your iPad usage, then, seriously... skim the doc!

You may also want to see Jame White's video on his use of technology at He and I independently came to the exactly same usages of technology: Android (with it's free tethering, if you get the right model) is epic for phones, iPad is epic for portable 'puting, and the Kindle is epic for reading (and having it read to you!)

The document is at: