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Indigo Girl

OK, everyone interested in WCF needs to stop what they are doing and head on over to http://www.thatindigogirl.com/. Michele has posted chapters to her up amazing, soon-to-be-released WCF book up there. Not just that, but there are a few things that really impress me.

First off, she has to be my new technology role model (move over Brad Abrams and Andrew Trolsen) as she to be the highest ranking MVP in the world. Sheesh, just go look at her profile at http://www.idesign.net/.

Secondly, she's probably the best writer I've ever read. Picky doesn't even begin to describe me. If I don't consider the author absolutely outstanding, I don't bother flipping the pages. She is one of the very few people I can actually put up with. Her bypassing of the silly Hello World example for a more useful one was very respectable and it demonstrated to me that she wants to get right to the point (in turn this shows technical security; insecure writers have SO padding and PCness!)

Third, she seems to be a bottomless pit of powerful and useful training. Today was the first time I read her work and in the first 30 pages of her book I was able to overcome a load of WCF obstacles I was hitting with the go-live version.

Fourth, she has a very beautiful website. Not that she did it, but it does show that she cares about her environment. It rather bothers me when my fellow architects feel the need to go all hardcore and boring on me. She seems to be immune to that. Um...yes, I rate my favorite architects by more than their technical skills!

I swore to only buy book from Abrams and Troelsen, but I'm going to pre-order her book...something I've never done before. I'm extremely impressed with her work. Seriously, go check her blog, website, and book out!