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Video 3 (FWD) - "Introduction to the Firefox Console"

Here's the next video in the Firefox Web Developer series: Using the Firefox Console. The Firefox Console is a tremendously underused tool built right into Firefox. It allows for safe and efficient JavaScript development that may otherwise be a complete nightmare. This tool is also an absolute must for remote scripting developers (yes, I still refuse to call it "Ajax"). You can think of this tool as being much like a service tracer. C# programmers will feel right at home with this guy.

I say it in the video as well, but let me emphasis it here: the Firefox console is not the JavaScript console. Firefox is a complete standalone Web Development Suite -- not just a web browser. These tools are not addons, plugins, or extensions, but rather are natively built-in tools in Firefox. In later videos I will discuss other tools also built right into Firefox.

OK, so here ya go...