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WCF Beta 2 and Go-live license!

At last! We now have beta 2 of WCF and a corresponding Go live license! This is incredible news for architects and developers alike. We can finally use the foundation to help unite our current (and future) component services, web services, and MSMQ applications in production

Just the other day I was designing an architecture and I was thinking "Gosh, this would be so nice in WCF. I *REALLY* don't want to do this in the old school way...if only the beta 2 and the Go-live license would be released!" Three days later...BAM!

Woohoo!! Not only that but beta 2 of WWF with a corresponding Go-live license is also available. I haven't been this excited since Firefox 1.5 came out!!!

Here's the Go-live license and the WCF beta 2 download (as well as WWF beta 2).