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Brainbench C# Fundamentals Technical Editor

What a week... I finally finished my gig as Brainbench technical editor (they called it an exam "cleaner") for the C# Fundamentals exam. Apparently they were extremely impressed with my work. Where others write a small comment line, I would write a page or so about the question and the answers citing the ECMA standard and anally explaining the improper wording of something.

I'm also rather kicking myself for turning down another gig they offered me. After I finished with this gig, I was offered the gig to write the VB.NET 2005 exam. My initial justification to myself for rejecting it was for the same reason I wouldn't write an Internet Explorer exam: it's no different than devil worship. Now I wish I took that gig, because even though the vbc.exe compiler packs a TON of useless garbage (you ever look at that stuff? A ton of odd Microsoft.VisualBasic references) in the assemblies, it's still IL! .NET is .NET! In any case, I did tell my rep there that I want to be on the list for any C# 2.0, CLR, or .NET 2.0 framework exams! We'll see!