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Video 4 (FWD) - "Using the Web Developer Toolbar"

One of the most powerful and appreciated extensions for Firefox is the Web Developer toolbar. This is the extension that helped convert me from an independent IEvangelist to a Firefox promoter and standards advocate. This tool puts the keys to client-side web development into the hands of the developer.

With a quick click of the mouse, the developer can now see all elements of a certain type, can disable or enable various portions of development ( i.e. JavaScript), or can view otherwise hidden form information. It's such a powerful tool that you'll never be able to do client-side web development again without it.

I do apologize for being so slow in the posting of these videos. There will be a few more in the future. These videos are from September 2005 and are for Firefox 1.0.x, but are still appropriate for Firefox 1.5.x (and Firefox 2.0)