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Free Templated Data Bound Custom Controls Chapter

Google Book Search, must like most Google products, is a great gift to humanity.  I often find myself going there to read a chapter in a book to quickly get up to speed or to review a topic.  Today, while I was reviewing a few new ASP.NET books, I came across the book ASP.NET AJAX Programming Tricks on Google Books.  The first two chapters are "Http Modules Demystified" and "Templated Data Bound Custom Controls" and are freely viewable.  This is a great reference for anyone looking to learn how to build more powerful custom controls or for anyone who needs a quick refresher.

One thing I did notice, is that the chapter looks very much like chapter 29 in ASP.NET 3.5 Unleashed.  In fact, not only is the content the same, they had the same order of the content is the same.  Furthermore, they use almost the same "tab control" example.  Ouch.  Before anyone says the P word, I would like to mention that ASP.NET AJAX Programming Tricks was released first.