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Microsoft MVP (ASP.NET) 2009

I'm rather pleased to announce that October 1, 2008 was my day: I was made a Microsoft MVP for ASP.NET.  Thus, as tradition seems to state, I'm posting a blog entry about it.

Thanks to God for not letting me have the MVP until now, the timing is flawless.  Thanks also to my MVP advisor David Silverlight who got me more serious about the MVP program and admitted to having nominated me.  Next, thanks to Scott Hanselman who fixed a clog in the MVP pipeline.  Apparently, I was in the system, but completely lost; in the wrong category or something.  He took it upon himself to contact a few people to get the problem fixed.

Thanks also to Brad Abrams for his recommendation to the MVP committee and to Rick Strahl, a fellow MVP, Microsoft ASP.NET AJAX loather, and Subversion lover who showed me that open source developers have equal rights to the MVP title.

To bring in the new [MVP] year, today I took some time and did a massive redesign to my web site featuring the cool MVP logo, which just so happens to fit perfectly in my existing color scheme.  I'll probably be tweaking the site over the next few days as the waves of whimsical changes come my way.