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Tim Ferris - Trial by Fire

This is beyond awesome.  Tim Ferris, author of one of the greatest books ever written, Four Hour Work Week, has announced that he has a new show called Trial by Fire.  I'm incredibly excited to hear this.  Time Ferris is one of my core role models for just about every area of life.  I regularly reread and reference his Four Hour Work Week book and am constantly studying his blog.  In fact, when you read my NetFXHarmonics web site, you are reading Ferris principles applied to the development world.

He calls himself a life hacker.  What it takes others years to master, he tries to learn in days.  This is the primary purpose of his Trial by Fire show.  It's also something I've been studying for years through my research in accelerated learning and experience induction.  Ferris sometimes mentions that his technique is to deconstruct, streamline, and remap.  If you read my recent posts on streamlining WCF and WCF in Silverlight, you've seen a taste of how you can apply these principles to development.  It's how I personally think, act, and speak.

For more information on Tim Ferris, his show, or his book, check out his blog at http://www.fourhourblog.com/.  His blog is essentially an extension to his book, Four Hour Work Week, a book every single person in the world needs to read and reread.  You absolutely must buy this book.  Get it in print or get it in audio, just get it.