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Project Sneak Peek

Today I thought I would give a teaser of my latest side project (I'm about a month into it).

Since I'm not a general "business application" developer, but am a specialist in various areas of technology, most of the projects I work on are awesome.  Two of my favorite projects are the Brainbench C# 2.0 exam and the Brainbench C# 2.0 Fundamentals exam, both as the author.  Immediately after finishing the later project, I ended my 2 year long on-and-off consultancy with Brainbench as author and technical editor.

Now, nearly a year later, I've gone on my own (more teasers in Q2 2009):

Which of the following statements regarding a .NET object's sync block index are true?
When an ephemeral segment GC occurs, the synch block index contains a pointer to the next object.
If a root is found by a GC, a bit will be enabled in the synch block index.
Constructed objects have the sync block index initialized to a negative value.
Value types have their synch block index set to the value of their location on the stack.
When a monitor lock is entered, the index of a free sync block is recorded in the synch block index.