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Cool SMS/VS2005 Integration Feature

Today I discovered a very wierd feature regarding SQL Management Studio 2005 ("SMS") and Visual Studio 2005 (of course I'm using the FREE standards editions from the MSDN/Technet seminars)

OK so here it is...

  • Open SMS
  • Navigate to a table and modify it.
  • Copy the text of one of the columns
  • Go to an ASPX page in Visual Studio 2005 and paste.

If you did it right you will see the weirdest thing in the world: it pastes a GridView linked to a SqlDataSource, which it also pastes.

<asp:GridView ID="GridView1" runat="server"
     EmptyDataText="There are no data records to display."
        <asp:BoundField DataField="ContactID"
<asp:SqlDataSource ID="SqlDataSource1" runat="server"
    SelectCommand="SELECT [ContactID] FROM [Employee]"
    ConnectionString="<%$ ConnectionStrings:AdventureWorksConnectionString1 %>"
    ProviderName="<%$ConnectionStrings:AdventureWorksConnectionString1.ProviderName %>">

You will also find that it pastes the appropriate connection string directly into your web.config.

 connectionString="[string omitted;  it was LONG"

Cool, huh?

p.s. If you want to paste that particular name, as I wanted to do, you can always do the old school paste-into-notepad-copy-out-of-notepad trick that is a tried and true way to strip off Web Browser formatting.

New Blog

In addition to my WinFX blog I'm also going to be working on this new dynamics blog, called Dynamic Bliss. This blog will cover client-side topics such as XML based, out-of-band procedure calling ("Ajax" though I don't approve of that name), ECMAScript dynamics, dynamic graphics, widget creation, other topics from my book and a few other browser-related topics.

This blog is the replacement of a book I was working on regarding the same topic. I'm a strong believer that blogging is the new book (for technology at the moment). Parts of the blog will include video chapters from the my video book as well as my Firefox Web Development Suite videos.

You can get to the blog here, Dynamic Bliss.

trycatch in .NET 2.0 - Note

Here is a comment Joe made about my previous post.

... One additional facet that will probably go (mostly) unnoticed is that you can throw exceptions across assembly boundaries, and the wrapping will occur based on the assembly-level attribute on the assembly whose catch block is being evaluated. This makes interoperability with code that isn't on the wrapping plan, e.g. COBOL or Eiffel, work seamlessly as you would expect.


This comment is rather hidden in how I have my page designed, but I thought it worthy of it's own posting anyhow.

Video 2 (FWD) - "Introduction to the Firefox JavaScript Console"

Firefox comes with many incredible utilities right out of the box. One of these tools is the JavaScript console. Most developers who have done any web development at all utilizing Firefox has used this great tool, but few know of some of the more powerful features. In this video I touch lightly on a few features that you may have overlooked.

In the next video we will dive hard core into some code to see the Firefox Web Development suite in action.

Video 3 (FWD) - "Introduction to the Firefox Console"

Here's the next video in the Firefox Web Developer series: Using the Firefox Console. The Firefox Console is a tremendously underused tool built right into Firefox. It allows for safe and efficient JavaScript development that may otherwise be a complete nightmare. This tool is also an absolute must for remote scripting developers (yes, I still refuse to call it "Ajax"). You can think of this tool as being much like a service tracer. C# programmers will feel right at home with this guy.

I say it in the video as well, but let me emphasis it here: the Firefox console is not the JavaScript console. Firefox is a complete standalone Web Development Suite -- not just a web browser. These tools are not addons, plugins, or extensions, but rather are natively built-in tools in Firefox. In later videos I will discuss other tools also built right into Firefox.

OK, so here ya go...

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